Model Comparison

HDI Blitz HDI Advance R3x
Cameras Machine vision cameras that perform 3D geometry capture. Higher resolution cameras capture more details in a 3D scan.

A pair of 1.3 MP Monochrome USB 3.0 cameras

A pair of 2.8 MP Monochrome USB 3.0 cameras with 3 MP 12mm lenses

Scanning Software Software that communicates with the HDI 3D scanner. The software acquires 3D data from physical objects and performs basic data editing before exporting it for 3D post-processing.

FlexScan3D (Proprietary Software)

Sample Scan Single 3D image generated from the 3D scanner
Scan Speed Time required to capture a single 3D image. For scanning humans, faster scan speed will produce better scan results

0.90 seconds

0.88 seconds

Standoff Distance from the front of the scanner to the object

650mm (370mm diagonal field of view)

370mm (200mm diagonal field of view)

690mm (400mm diagonal field of view)

1040mm (600mm diagonal field of view)

Resolution The amount of detail the 3D scanner can capture in a single scan. Higher resolution means the 3D scanner can capture more detailed 3D scans.

Average Points

Average Polygons

Point to Point Distance

1.1 million per scan

2.2 million per scan

0.24mm (370mm diagonal field of view)

2.6 million per scan

5.2 million per scan

0.075mm (200mm diagonal field of view)

0.165mm (400mm diagonal field of view)

0.250mm (600mm diagonal field of view)

Field of View The 3D scanner's observable area. A 3D scanner with a larger field of view can scan larger objects.

Fixed: 370mm diagonal

Adjustable field of view to scan objects of different shapes and sizes

Preset: 200mm, 400mm, 600mm diagonal

Accuracy How close a measurement is to it's true value. Higher accuracy is better.

370mm diagonal field of view: 120µm (0.0048")

200mm diagonal field of view: 45µm (0.0018")

400mm diagonal field of view: 75µm (0.0030")

600mm diagonal field of view: 105µm (0.0041")

Geometry Formats 3D scanner exports to the following common 3D mesh file formats. Almost all 3D processing applications support these file formats.


Color Texture Standard 3D scanner captures 3D geometry in black and white. Color texture map can be qcquired using a separate Digital SLR camera.

Upgradeable to color cameras
(additional cost apply)